The Aviation Business Park is ideally located and suited to the demands of business today and tomorrow,The Aviation Business Park at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is now ready to welcome your business. With ready to build acreage, direct access to major transportation avenues, an aggressive incentive program for every type of business tenant, and competitive leasing rates, The Aviation Business Park is the region's best location for both aviation and non-aviation related businesses. 


Available Properties 

Available Properties

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Aviation Emergency Logistics Center Floorplan

Aviation Emergency Logistics Center









Air Cargo Complex





























Aviation Emergency Center

Aviation Emergency Logistics Center (AELC)


Immediately following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in fall 2005, the Airport was used as a Disaster Relief Staging area by the National Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other relief organizations. During that time, Airport and Program Management staff improvised solutions to accommodate the sudden increase in demand, particularly through the use of abandoned airfield pavement and unoccupied airport buildings.  A permanent, on-airport facility dedicated to disaster relief – an AELC – could provide similar staging facilities and even additional services without impinging on normal airport operations. The services provided by such facility could assist in a smoother recover effort in future disaster scenarios.




Air Cargo Complex


Authorized Uses

Storage, warehouse, trucking transfer, manufacturing, packaging and distribution


   Cargo Terminal Building 1                                   Cargo Terminal Building 2     

         32,800 s.f. (164’X200’)                                      30,000 s.f. (100’X300”)       

            120’ Clear Span                                                  100’ Clear Span           

12’ X 12’ Roll-Up (R/U) Doors                            12’ X 12’ Roll-Up (R/U) Doors

10 Truck R/U Door/Docks                                  8 Truck R/U Door/Docks

 27’ Eave Heights                                               20’ Eave Heights

 Ventilation and Heating                                     Ventilation and Heating


Vacant Area Building 1                                      Vacant Area Building 2

26,000 s.f.                                                          30,000 s.f.


Cargo Complex Additional Areas


Vehicle Parking/Staging

Cargo Personnel Parking 22,500 s.f.
Truck Parking and Staging 203,450 s.f.


Airside Cargo Complex Aircraft Apron

Cargo Apron - 430,850 s.f.


Cargo Complex Rental Rates

Cargo Building Rate                           $5.50 per square foot/per year

Exclusive Parking/Staging (Paved)    $0.14 per square foot/ per year